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At twenty-seven, Annabelle Cleaver finds herself sitting in a lawyer's office, listening to the last will and testament of the only relative she's ever loved being read. Stuck in the small Oklahoma town she's always had every intention of leaving, she has no idea what comes next. When her sexy high school crush, Wyatt Holloway, returns to town and asks her for a job on her farm, her simple life becomes more complicated than she ever imagined.

Wyatt Holloway returned from three tours overseas in the army a broken man. He'd seen and done things that haunt his days and nights. When he discovers Annabelle Cleaver, the beautiful but quirky girl from high school, needs help on her family farm after the passing of her crazy grandma, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the woman who'd always held his interest. 

Ten years later, the unspoken spark that existed as teenagers still remains. The question is, will it produce fireworks or a dying flame?

Amazon: Paperback: $14.99, Kindle $2.99


Kasey Thomas had it all - an adoring husband, two beautiful sons, a job she loved. But then a tragic car accidents leaves her a widow and her world turns upside down.


Paul Jennings has tried to find love like his mom and dad's. But the years, awful blind dates and shallow relationships have taught Paul one thing - love like his parents does not exist. At least not for him.


When their mutual friend, Beth, sets them up on a blind date, both expect it to be like Beth's other blind dates - disastrous. But when the date is anything but, Kasey and Paul find themselves unexpectedly hopeful.


Can Kasey open herself up to Paul and let him see her, scars and all? Can Paul handle all the chaos that is the Thomas family? Will they have a chance at happily ever after?

Paperback: Lulu/Amazon/Barnes and Noble  $14.99

eBook: Lulu/Amazon/Barnes and Noble/iBook/Kobo $2.99

Book One: Playing Series


Spunky Callie Thompson is a University of Oklahoma journalism student by day and NBA Oklahoma City Thunder dancer by night. Callie hopes her connections with the franchise will get her foot in the door for a sports broadcasting job when she graduates. She just has one rule: never date the players.

Kyle Kelly is the deadly handsome Thunder man of the hour. All he is looking for is an NBA championship to call his own. An unexpected meeting with an opinionated, feisty, Callie, however, who is very unimpressed with his celebrity status, sets his sights on winning two things: her heart AND the championship.


Paperback: Lulu/Amazon/Barnes and Noble $11.99

eBook: Lulu/Amazon/Barnes and Noble/iBook/Kobo $2.99

Book Two: Playing Series


Cassie Randall has a secret that haunts her every day. A secret that makes trusting a man an impossibility. She wants nothing more than to live a quiet, simple life as a teacher with those she calls family.


Even though he's portrayed as a stereotypical, professional athlete ladie's man, all Jamal Jenkins, the starting point guard for the Thunder, wants is to live his life out of the limelight with the people he loves most.


Can Jamal help Cassie believe that he can be trusted or will she continue to believe that all men are like the one she fears most?

Paperback: Lulu/Amazon, Barnes and Noble/Kobo $13.99

eBook: Lulu/Amazon/Barnes and Noble/iBook/Kobo $2.99

Book Three: Playing Series


To her friends and family, Aria Cook is a sassy, foul-mouthed, not-a-care-in-the-world woman. She dances for the Oklahoma City Thunder and tends bar at her father's trendy downtown bar, A Shot of Whiskey. What her friends and family don't know, however, is Aria's running from a past she can't escape no matter how hard she tries. 


Trevin Anderson is a love 'em and leave 'em kind of by. He knows most women only want the fame associated with dating an NBA athlete. He doesn't get attached. He has a job he loves, a sister and mother he adores and friends who have his back. He doesn't need anything else.


After a failed first date, Trevin can't walk away. .Maybe it's the thrill of the chase; perhaps it's something more. She calls him her stalker. He calls her his girlfriend. Who will be right in the end?  

Paperback: Lulu/Amazon/Barnes and Noble  $15.99

eBook: Lulu/Amazon/Barnes and Noble/Kobo $2.99

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